the Self-name of my ethnos

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Good day 
My name is Olga

    I present the people, which incorrectly name "Kriashen tatar", because we speak in the tatar language and we profess a Christianity. Sometimes us name " Kriashen Bashkir ", because we live in a village Umirovio Bakhaly of area of Republic Bashkortostan. Still us count Nagayback, separating on Oldkriashen and Newkreashen.... And so on.

     But all this is wrong impression. We is Kreashens, independent people. 

     We have language, culture, including musical. 

     I study in a class of button accordion on V year of musical branch of the Bashkir state Pedagogical University and I am engaged in study of the musical instruments.


Everyone, who is interested by my theme, I invite to dialogue.



Home                                                                        Ufa, 30 April, 2008.


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